Level 2 Metering & Connection

Residential and commercial service

switchboardLights and power are essential to your comfort and way of life. If you have lost power due to a mains issue, Campisi Electrical Service can be there in a flash to restore your service.

Just call us on 02 9742 5929.

As well as emergency service, we also do the following:

  • Connection and reconnection to the power grid – both single and multiphase.
  • Relocation of existing services
  • Removal and relocation of the Point Of Attachment
  • Bracket upgrades
  • Metering, including off peak metering
  • Upgrade of mains power
  • 100A and 200A services
  • Temporary power supply for builders
  • Service pole supply (including rental) and installation
  • Upgrades of switchboard and meters.