Automation and Remote Control

An example of an automation panel. All the buttons are programmable and can carry out one action or many.

The concept of a switch for each light or appliance is becoming outdated. Modern automation systems put the control of a multitude of electrical devices into a single unit. Once you have such control, a whole range of other things become possible.

Imagine coming home on a cold winter evening to your empty house. With the push of a single button you could close the blinds, turn on some selected lights and turn on the heater. In fact, why wait until you  get home? You can do all that from your smartphone before you even get off the train.

In the office, show your client to the meeting room and, with the push of a button, dim the lights, close the blinds, roll down the projector screen and start the projector.

There is no limit to the possibilities offered by modern automation systems and we will be happy to show you.

Campisi Electrical Services are experts with the two main automation systems – Clipsal’s C-Bus system and Philips’ Dynalite.