Audio Visual Solutions

The world is becoming a multimedia place. Keeping up with the latest audio and video technologies is a constant challenge.

Whether it be for your home or office, Campisi Electrical Services can set up an AV system that is state-of-the-art for a reasonable price.

Home TheatreFor the home

For home theatres, or just for the lounge room, we can design, supply and install an AV system that will rattle the windows. We have a wide range of projectors and big screen televisions, including smart TVs. Combine these with a audio system that can handle everything from a CD to streamed music from your home network and you will have a system that will be the envy of all your neighbours.


boardroomFor business

Conference calls, presentations, even the weekly Work In Progress meeting can all benefit from our knowledge of new technology.

We have the latest interactive white boards, touch screen TVs and telephone conferencing equipment.

If you are fitting out a conference or board room, check out our Conference Room page.